Marcus D 「The Best of Marcus D」完全限定プレス盤


Shing02、DJ OKAWARI、Cise Star、Substantial、Emancipator、nitsua、Blu、Pismo、Funky DL、One Be Lo…超豪華メンバーが集った究極のベストアルバム。

1. Night on the Town ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL
2. Trophy ft. Blu
3. Elevator ft. Art
4. Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL
5. Blank Canvas ft. Substantial
6. Soul a la Mode ft. Pismo, Substantial, Cise Star & ZANE
7. One People ft. Shing02
8. Third Person ft. One Be Lo
9. Ayahuasca ft. nitsua
10. NoctiLuca ft. DJ OKAWARI
11. Kindred Spirit ft. Emancipator
12. Continuous Dream ft. Pismo
13. Greater Purpose ft. Cise Star
14. Earth Angel ft. Cise Star
15. Best in Show ft. Skyzoo & Larue
16. The Way ft. Marie Dahlstrom


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